Introduction: 4 Uses of 1 Pumpkin

I always like to use most of the resources so with the Pumpkin I do not just use it for carving but also to make a couple of delicious meals.

In regard to the pumpkin you need knife and spoon.

From the flesh I made a cream soup (plus some veggies and chicken)

and a pumpkin dessert with honey and cinnamon.

The seeds could be roasted and become a delicious and healthy snack.

Step 1:

First, cut the upper of the pumpkin. Then take the seeds out. After that dig out gently the flesh with the spoon.

Step 2:

For the meals:

- cream soup - I placed in a cooking pot half of the pumpkin flesh, one sweet potato, few carrots, one onion, chicken stock, salt and olive oil. When the veggies were cooked I mixed them till the mixture turned to a creamy soup. Then I added some precooked chicken on top.

- pumpkin dessert - in a frying pan I placed the other half of the pumpkin flesh, 3-4 table spoons honey, 1-2 spoons cinnamon and 1-2 spoons on olive oil. First I put it to cook with the lid on until the pumpkin was tender. Then I removed the lid and continued cooking until there was no liquid left.

- roasted pumpkin seeds - just put the seeds in the oven at 170 degrees Celsius at the roasting option till they are golden. To be sure, taste them - if they are crispy and have a nice nut taste, they are ready.

Step 3:

Carving the Pumpkin. First we drew the face with a marker (I have little helper who designed the face). Then I cut the wholes with a knife. Last, we lid a candle and put it inside.

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