Introduction: Bread Sticks Tool

For making a simple kitchen tool for forming bread sticks you need:

- a plastic bottle;

- a plastic bag suitable for containing food (I used a freezer bag);

- knife and scissors.

Step 1:

First, cut the upper part of the bottle where shown. Then cut out one of the edges of the plastic bag.

Step 2:

Second, insert the cut edge of the bag through the bottle neck. Make a whole in the bottle's cap (I used the knife by making circular movements, you may use something else).

Step 3:

Step 3, make the dough (should be a bit slimy so you can push it out through the cap's whole).

I made a simple dough: water, oil, salt, a little sugar, yeast. Waited about half an hour for the yeast to do its magic.

Step 4:

On this step I closed the cap on the bottle leaving the bag's edges out. Then I loaded the dough and squeezed it out, making a nice dough trail. So, you do row after row till the baking tin is filled. Bake in a preheated oven and when golden take out. You can sprinkle with some water and cover with a table cloth (that will prevent the sticks to become too crispy).

Step 5:

The sticks are ready! Your kitchen tool could be cleaned and used again (just use a new bag).

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