Introduction: 5 Easy Magic Tricks to Learn

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Here's another set of tricks that are easy to learn so you can impress your family and friends!

Step 1: Through a Cup Trick

Setup: Grab three cups that are not see through. Find three small objects that are identical. Place one of the objects in the middle cup and leave the other two to the side. Now stack all the cups together putting the cup with the object in the middle of the stack.

Performance: Place your stack cups and two objects on the table for the audience to see. One by one place each cup upside down on the table. Note - Remember the object is in the middle cup. Grab another object and place it on top of the middle cup. Re-stack the cups and give it a tap. When you lift the cups, your object has passed through the cups. From the starting position, you already have an object in the middle cup. One by one place each cup again upside down on the table. Note - You now have two objects in the middle cup. Place the last object on top of the middle cup and re-stack the cups. Give it another tap and you have two objects that have gone through the cups!

Step 2: Paperclip Link

Setup: Grab two paperclips and a single bill. Fold the bill like an Accordion. Add one paperclip on each end of the folds. Note - See image above.

Performance: Grab each end with two fingers. Quickly snap the bill open. The paperclips will fly through the air and land resulting in a paperclip link!

Step 3: Floating Ring

Setup: Grab a ring and small rubber band. Cut the rubber band in half.

Performance: Insert the rubber band through the ring. With one hand hold 3/4 of the rubber band, and with the other hand hold the rest. The hand that has 3/4 of the rubber band will not move. The hand holding the rest will stretch the rubber band to what seems to be the length of the entire rubber band. As slow as humanly possible start stretching the rubber band even more while giving some slack from the hand that has 3/4 of the rubber band. The ring will always be in the same position, but the process will give the illusion that the ring is moving on its own!

Step 4: Magical Coin

Setup: Grab a cup that is see through, and a coin. Cut a piece of paper that matches the surface you are doing your trick on. Make sure the paper fit tightly around the opening of the cup.

Performance: Place your cup upside down. Grab the front of the cup with one hand to block the audience from seeing the inside of the cup. Place it above the coin and when you snap your fingers, lift your hand away from the cup. The coin disappeared. The magic comes from making it reappear. Place your hand in front of the cup again, snap your fingers once more, and move the cup back to the starting position. You now have a coin that will disappear and reappear with a snap!

Step 5: Balance a Card on a Cup

Setup: Ask someone to balance a playing card on the edge of a cup while holding a coin. No matter how many times they try it will never happen.

Performance: Fill the cup with water close to top of the cup without having the water spill out. Place the card on the edge of the cup. Using the water tension, you can now place the coin on the card without both objects falling on the table!

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