Introduction: 5 Easy Music Festival Looks

It's that time of year again! Music festival season! What's great about festivals is that they are known for accepting eccentric, wild and fun styles. So this year why not go all out with these easy-to-do boho face paint looks!

Step 1: Getting Prepared

I started with simple clean makeup (Foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a lip stain).


-Paint (face paint, acrylic paint, etc.)

-Paint Brushes in Various Sizes

-Stick on Rhinestones (eyelash glue optional)

-Water/Paper Towel

-A Makeup Setting Mist (highly recommended, I use Ben Nye's Final Seal)

Step 2: Look One

1. Create a shallow arch from the middle of one eyebrow to the middle of the other

2. Directly above the first arch draw a second line

3. Above the second arch create an arch of dots

Step 3: Look Two

1. Under one eye make a line of dots curving upward

2. Above the opposite eyebrow create another line of dots curving in the opposite direction

3. In a different color put a dot on the inner and outer corner of each eye

Step 4: Look Three

1. Draw a short line on the outer part of the cheekbone

2. Extend the short line up and out (creating a point where the lines intersect)

3. Repeat step one directly below the first line

4. Repeat step two directly below the first line

5. On the opposite side draw a line of dots above/following the arch of the eyebrow

Step 5: Look Four

1. Create a large teardrop shape between the eyebrows

2. Along the brow line and down the temple add rectangle/oval shaped dots

3. Replicate as best as you can on the other side

4. From the last dot on the temple draw a slanted row of dots towards the nose

5. Replicate on the other side

6. To finish add flecks of color throughout

Step 6: Look Five

1. Stick a large rhinestone between the eyebrows

2. Using the smallest size rhinestone, create a straight line up from the large rhinestone.

3. From the large rhinestone, using medium sized gems, create an arched line that crosses through the middle of the forehead and down toward the temple

4. Copy as best as possible

5. From the large rhinestone, using medium gems, create an arch following the eyebrow and down the temple

6. Repeat on the opposite side

7. Add three medium sized gems below the large rhinestone in an upside down triangle pattern

TIP: To assure the gems stay on eyelash glue can be used!

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