Introduction: 5-Min Poor Mans Sandal

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Your on your way to somewhere but oh wait, you lost your shoes. Or when you are at the beach and you don't want any good sandals and just want to have fun then you must have this cheap sandals made out of cardboard. The poor mans sandals can be made between 2-5 minutes and its comfortable and great. So lets get started making the sandals shall we?.

(I am sorry about some of the images which is blurry, its my dam camera. Got to buy a new one)

Step 1: Materials

Ok, since we are going to make a cheap, durable, short lasting and easy sandals we need to get the easy to get materials and some cheap recycles. Here is a list of some things you might need.

- All purpose glue
- Cardboard (I got mine fup a carton )
- Scissors
- 1 Permanent marker or pen
- Some colours
- 2-5 Minutes.

Thats all you need to make this sandals.

If you tried making such sandals, then please do post a picture of your version of sandal decorated in your crazy way.

Step 2: Marking the Foot Size

Now place your foot flat on the cardboard and mark your outline. Since my foot size was 42 , i could have also used my shoes outline.

Step 3: Cutting the Size

After you have marked out your size on the cardboard, now place another piece of cardboard under the outline cardboard and cut out the outline. So that means your outcome would be 2 pieces of oulines. Do the same for the other foot.

Step 4: The Strap Holder

Now cut 2 pieces long of cardboard shown in the picture and place your foot to adjust the size of the strap and then cut to size.

Step 5: The Strap Sticking

After you have the right size of strap, get your all purpose glue and stick it at the bottom of the first cardboard base. Let it to dry.

Step 6: Get the Base On

Now that your glue is dried. Get your second cardboard base of both foot and stick it with the first cardboard bases. Remember to glue it evenly and as tight as possible, after you have applied the glue add some weight and let it dry.

Step 7: Dry, Test and Go !

After your sandals have dried and is ready to test. Slide your feet slowly through the straps and apply pressure to it. Then lift your leg up about 5 cm away from the floor and stomp it hard on the floor. If your sandal survives , then your good to go.

Step 8: Decorate, Pimp and Go

So, now you have your sandals all ready, or is it ?. No it's not, you need to pimp it with some cool decorations and stuff to make it super cool. I didn't have much time and i pretty like the rugged look of the sandal too much to chage. But you can add rubber soles, some sponge and cloth to the base and print out your name to paste on it. Hope you like my Poor mans sandals and please do vote for me.

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