Introduction: $5 One Jump Aladdin Costume

Here is a cheap and easy Aladdin costume. It requires minimal sewing skills and should take less then an hour to complete with a sewing machine. Perfect for a young persons first cosplay, last minute party attire, or an easy addition to the dress up box.

Step 1: Materials

This costume requires the following:
Red tee shirt
White tee shirt
Purple tee shirt
3' x 3' yellow cotton scrap
Disposable cup
Bobbypins or hairclips

Step 2: Pants

The pants are made from the large white tee shirt. Cut the neckline off, turn it inside out, and fold the bottom two inches of the shirt over. Then stitch the head hole shut, and stitch the folded over bottom hem.

Step 3: Pants II

Cut the bottom hem of the red tee shirt off. Cut your yellow patch into a roughly a 3" square, turn its sides in, and iron it flat. Stitch the yellow patch onto the right front side of the pants (mine is placed a little off to cover up a corporate logo). Then thread the long red scrap through the waistband.

Step 4: Waistband Protips

If you are having a tough time threading the waistband, cut an old wire coat hanger apart, tape the end of the red fabric onto it, and use the hanger to push it through the tunnel

Step 5: Vest

Cut the purple shirt into a vest.

Step 6: Sash

Cut the sleeves, neckline, and any logos from the red shirt. Then cut down the right side of the shirt, and both shoulders. Lay the large red piece of fabric out and make a cut down the left hand side of the shirt (now the middle of this fabric) until there is about 4 inches to the bottom.

Step 7: Sash II

Fold the shirt around its self until you have a 4 inch wide sash. Then stitch the folded shirt down to it's self. It's ok if the cuts and fold are slighty askew; Aladdin is a steet rat.

Step 8: Fez (hat)

Using the sleeves from the Red tee shirt, cut a piece and glue to the top of the plastic cup. Then glue a large scrap around the body of the cup. Finally, stitch the hairclips or bobbypins to the inner rim of the hat.

Step 9: Tips & Advice

° If you don't already have the shirts, most thrift shops have tee shirts for about a dollar.
° A stuffed monkey with a matching hat/fez really completes the ensemble.
° I didn't in my photos, but the costume looks best if you shave and tan before wearing.
° Technically the character does not wear shoes. I'd recommend adding either sandals or a pair of shoes with a pointed or curled toe if you intend to wear this out.
° If you are going to wear this outside in the cold, put a suit of long underwear on under the costume that roughly matches your skin tone and a pair of comfortable shoes.
° My vest ended up a little small. I should have cut down the center front of the purple shirt, then folded over and stitched it down to make a more finished front. Visual aids to follow once I re-do the vest.