Introduction: 5 Minute Bird Feeder

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After some brainstorming and realizing that I needed a new bird feeder, I created this for the reuse challenge. It is mostly made from recycled materials and is super quick.  In addition, it cost almost nothing to make. It turned out very well and I can't wait to start seeing birds eating from it.

Step 1: Materials

Glue Gun
X acto knife
An Old Plate
A Water Bottle
String 2-3 feet Long
Bird Seed

Step 2: Cutting the Water Bottle

To make the holes where the bird seed comes out, take the x acto knife and make 3 rectangles around the base. Mine were about 1/2 an inch tall and about 1 and a 1/2 inches wide with a gap in between. The water bottle I used was 38 oz so for the 20 oz water bottles it might be better to make the rectangles about an inch wide but you can try it and see what works. I realize that in the photo it is extremely hard to see the hole I cut because it is a clear water bottle but I tried taking the picture several times and that was the best one.

Step 3: Finishing

Next, take the cap of the water bottle and make two holes that are big enough for the string to go through. Loop the string through the holes. Then, cover the bottom of the water bottle in hot glue and quickly stick it onto the plate.

Step 4: Complete Bird Feeder

Fill with bird seed and tie onto a tree branch. Next, wait for Birds to eat out of your recycled bird feeder!

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