Introduction: 5 Unusual Uses for Gift Wrap.

     Hello everybody I decided to do an instructable on ten unusual uses  for gift wrap to be festive in the season. Wrapping paper is a cheap alternative to many things. You can even use your scrapes from Christmas or birthdays because everybody knows the three R's reuse, reduce, recycle. OK lets jump right in.

Step 1: Place Mats

     Wrapping paper makes great place mats for the table on those festive holiday dinners. Just cut some paper out and laminate it or put some contact paper over.

Step 2: Cristmas Envelopes

     Wrapping paper makes great envelopes to put all of those meaningful cards inside. 

Step 3: Tree Ornaments

     Cut wrapping paper in to little tree ornaments and spiff up that dull tree to shine or you can fold then to any shape you like.

Step 4: Candle Wrap

     Wrap the paper around the candle to spiff it up a bit. Caution paper is flammable cut down as needed and always stay safe.

Step 5: Paper Roses

Make paper roses here is a link to how-

Step 6: Present Wraping

     OH YA did I mention that It works great to wrap presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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