5 Unusual Uses for Gift Wrap.




Introduction: 5 Unusual Uses for Gift Wrap.

     Hello everybody I decided to do an instructable on ten unusual uses  for gift wrap to be festive in the season. Wrapping paper is a cheap alternative to many things. You can even use your scrapes from Christmas or birthdays because everybody knows the three R's reuse, reduce, recycle. OK lets jump right in.

Step 1: Place Mats

     Wrapping paper makes great place mats for the table on those festive holiday dinners. Just cut some paper out and laminate it or put some contact paper over.

Step 2: Cristmas Envelopes

     Wrapping paper makes great envelopes to put all of those meaningful cards inside. 

Step 3: Tree Ornaments

     Cut wrapping paper in to little tree ornaments and spiff up that dull tree to shine or you can fold then to any shape you like.

Step 4: Candle Wrap

     Wrap the paper around the candle to spiff it up a bit. Caution paper is flammable cut down as needed and always stay safe.

Step 5: Paper Roses

Make paper roses here is a link to how- https://www.instructables.com/id/realistic-paper-roses/

Step 6: Present Wraping

     OH YA did I mention that It works great to wrap presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    6 years ago

    Gift wrap also can make nice paper beads and jewelry.


    10 years ago on Step 6

    Though I like the ideas presented here, I think it falls short as it doesn't show how to make any of them (minus wrapping, that's a given).


    10 years ago on Introduction

    There are some more, though these are maybe better done with wrap that is not obviously christmas themed.

    - Cover random boxes for nicer storage. It can be also done as collage of different used wrappingpapers.

    - Wrap book or notebook covers to keep them clean and protected. (I don't know how it is in other places, but where I live schoolbooks are lended for pupils and they have to last some 5 years with 5 children minimum in the schoolbag. So it's obligatory to wrap them.) I think it's also polite to keep protected the library books you borrow and carry in your bag for days.

    - For reusing old wrapingpaper for giftwraping it can be combined (glued if neccesary) from different smaller pieces. Or combined with plain white or brown paper which in my opinion looks even better than overly colorful package.

    - If old wrapingpaper is of sufficient size for reusing but has ugly creases, then it can be creased fully and becomes nicer and more original.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction


    That was a great comment it was funny you said comes from
    A place where its obligatory to cover your textbooks its the same here and i was going to put thet in but i forgot:(