Introduction: 5ton Press Brake Bender 3 in 1

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This is a homemade 5ton hydraulic press. Made from a hydralic jack and some metal struts. check it out!

Step 1: Step One: the Main Frame

The main frame is made out of strong steel struts and leftovers.

It is very basic and the video shows how the chassis looks like. I do not have lot of footage of the build since i did not have my camera at the buildtime.

So, basicly the jack is the one that does all the work. In the top of the jack i made an M8 thread so i could bolt it to the chassis on top. that way you don't have to be affraid it would shoot loose when you are working under pressure. the chassis is a simple square that is steady, and a small strut wich can move freely within the square. since the strut would fall down due to earth gravity forces, it is held in place with 2 strong springs you can find and most hardware stores.

the video will show you most of how it works and how it looks like.

note: the springs:

the springs need to be strong enough to press the jack back into its closed position when opened the srcew too depressurize. but all force more than that will make the jack less effective while pressing due to counterforces (but 5ton is a lot of force luckily, so you have a lot of room for springs)

Step 2: Step 2: the Press Attachments

Well, the press on itself is easy to operate but it still needs some attachments to have a proper functionality.

Again, the video will show you most parts in detail. also the picture can show where the magnets are positioned and so on.

1: My benchvise bender :

seen in one of my ohter insctructables this small handy bender can also be used in this press. since the movable strut on the bottom of the jack is of metal magnets love to stick on it. so an easy way of clamping! just click and go!

2: The powerpin:

a simple 5mm thick plate with a stonechisel on it. so first the chisel is heated, shaped and welded on the metal plate. then it gets a heatthreat on the top of the chisel so it is very hard and good to press without stressing. great to use a lot of force on a small pin.

3: the boxbender:

same principle as the benchvise bender, but with loose fingers so you can easily place them to the right size to make small boxes and such. the main bar has 3 magnets to stick on the movable strut of the bender. and all small fingers have also 1 magnet in their core to stick to the main bar.

a single finger can also be used on the movable strut.

on the top of the fingers hard steel was welded from an old wrench. again later heattreated for strenght.

Thats about it. if you have questions, feel free to put them on youtube where i answer most questons on my videos :-).

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