Introduction: 6 Pack Snow Flake

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My mom and I used to make these when I was little.   This year she surprised me with a set of 6 pack rings and made me feel guilty until I made one for my new house.

These lovely snowflakes are created with the 6 pack "rings" that used to be found everywhere on cans and bottles.  People found out that the plastic takes like 12 million years to break down and that wildlife gets trapped in them. 

Its harder to find them now, but you can still find them on the "mini" 6 oz cans and on the plastic bottles.
This project recycles them so that you can save the environment

Step 1: Ingredents:

You will need:
1 Stapler and a stack of staples (I borrowed it from work)
24 "6pack" rings
some Krylon Paint.  I used ballet slipper
two pieces of string.

Step 2: Staple Staple Staple

This is pretty easy to make.
Each ring is folded in half and stapled on the end.  Then staple it 2 times to attach another segment. Once in the middle and once at the end.

Keep repeating until you have 12 rings in a circle. And repeat all of this for the other side.

Step 3: Two Sides Cleave Unto One

With the miracle of instructables I have already completed one ring already.  (Almost as if by plan!)
Place them on top of each other with the flat sides pointed inward.  Staple twice for each  segment.
For added rigidity I tied a piece of string around each center on both sides.

Next step is to paint.

Step 4: Paint

The plastic really absorbs the paint pretty well.  I chose ballet slipper because my wife likes pink and its a soft pink so its not too tacky.  White would be more traditional.
Go easy on the paint.  Several thin coats dry better and remain flexible than on thick heavy coat.
That's it, now you got an attractive snow flake piece to adorn your house for the holidays.  If your creative you can add a small set of lights with some zip ties to make it really pop! 
Hope you enjoy it.

This got featured on makezine !!

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