Introduction: 6W+6W Loud Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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6W X 2 speaker with battery charger management

Check the video above to watch it working

Bluetooth module : Here

18650 Holder : Here or Here

18650 Battery : Here

This module uses a 18650 battery, it have charger management with protection for the battery.

Step 1: Case

In this project i used a small wood case that i bought some time ago, using a pencil mark the holes for the speakers, find the middle and drill the holes to fit the speaker, sand it to give a smother look, with a rubber you can easily remove the pencil marks

Step 2: Connectors

For the connector i used some small male conenctor, i removed the plastic part and keep only the exposed metal conector, protect it with shrink tube, put black and red togheter and once again use shrink tube to keep it togheter, it fits perfectly.

Step 3: The Speakers

I´m using 10 w speakers, secure the speakers using bolts and nuts, them glue the front part to the main case using wood glue.

Step 4: Bluetooth Module

I had to reuse my first front panel that had the holes to large for the speakers, i used to give a few extra milimiters to the back part of to case, after install the module cut two holes where the led are, using the inside of an empty pen you can "reflect" the bright LEDs to the outside of the case, i filled the inside of the plastic with transparent glue.

Step 5: Connect Everything

Conect the usb power to the module, i solder the two wires,hot glue all the holes and lose wires, i had a little plastic piece to the switch to be abble to control the module from the outside of the case.

It has two modes:

Usb: when cable is connected charges the battery and you can use it while is charging

Battery: uses battery

Step 6: Time to Play

It works perfectly, when conected to the bluetooth source it gives a small beep and its ready to play,

the sound is clear and i was impressed because it is incredible loud i was not expecting such a powerfull sound from this small module !

Tank you for watching

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