Introduction: 6ft Long Skyrim: Daedric Great Sword.

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​Hello again and welcome to another of my instructables!

In this one, i am going to show you how to make a 6ft long!!!!! Daedric Great Sword from the game Skyrim.

This is a really easy project, no lathes or fibreglass in this one :P

The items you will need are:

  • Hobby knife
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Hammerite hammered silver metal paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Blue/Pink extruded styrofoam
  • Thin children's play foam
  • Sand paper
  • Dust mask!
  • Marker pen
  • Hot knife

Step 1: The Planning and the Cutting!

Ok so firstly i saved an image of the sword onto my computer and brought it up in Illustrator. i set the height to 6ft and scaled the width manually until it looked fine. (if you don't have illustrator try using a similar package) 

I then traced around the outside of the sword to get the overall shape, then in a different layer i traced around the other details on the sword.

Next i printed the pages all out and stuck then together to make a paper template. Once you have this, you can lay it on your foam!

Lay the paper template on the foam and trace around it using a marker pen, you can then discard the paper template! 

Time to cut out the foam! The foam i used was quite tough and i managed to cut myself with my knife while doing it so be really careful!!! :P 

Step 2: The Detail!

Ok so once you have cut all the pieces out, you can then glue them all together! 

Once it's nicely glued, you can start the detailing, print of the detail parts from illustrator if you haven't already and repeat the same as the last step but with the thin foam. 

Glue all the bits and pieces down with hot glue and don't burn yourself's! 

After the glue is set, i used a hot knife and carved some detail in the sword! and also don't forget to round of the handle and carve the sword into shape otherwise it will be really blocky!!!!! :P 

Step 3: Paint!

So now you should have something that looks somewhat like a sword, now to paint it :)

I painted the entire thing with black acrylic paint as a undercoat first then let it dry.

Next i paint the blade and handle with silver. (don't worry if you get silver on the parts that you don't want to be silver! just paint them black again, thats what i did :P)

Next, for the red lines that are on the blade, i used the hot glue gun and drew over the areas that will be red, once you paint the glue with the red acrylic paint it should stand out more!

Step 4: Done!!!!!

AAAAAAAAaaaand thats all thats to it :)

If all things went according to plan you should now have a 6ft long Daedric Great Sword and just in time for Halloween! :D

Thanks all for click on this project and for more just visit my FaceBook. 

Thank you!!!!


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