Introduction: 80 CENTS FLASH CLAMP

About: Hello, I'm a week-end DIYer, I like doing little art/craft works when I have some spare time and exchanging ideas with others!!!

Hello, Here's my last idea. To say the truth it's not mine, nor it's a great invention; anyway I think it can be useful when you don't have a stand for your flash. It's a cheap, little wood clamp I bought in a hardware shop (I got a couple for 1.60 €). What I've done was drilling a 1/4" hole in it, grabbing a bolt, a nut and some washers (because I didn't have a shorter bolt within reach), setting it up and voilà: a small, inexpensive and verstile flash clamp.
My original project also involved a bigger clamp that I intended to use to hang my DSLR, but I couldn't find a clamp that suited my needs.

Hope this tutorial helped, bye bye!

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