Introduction: 9 Creative Ways of Using Washi Tape

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Hello Everybody,

This is instructable is about adding colours & beauty to ordinary plain materials, which is very simple and fun to do. First all just a week before I wasn't aware of washi tape... What is washi tape ? I found it in Art & Craft store and enquired the purpose of it, they said it tape which works like cello tape except the fact it is more colourful and fun to add them in crafts, they are also made of paper, glitter paper and even in fabric. Immediately I bought few of it and started thinking of ways to use it. After lot of browsing and combining them with own ideas I came up with 9 ways to use it. Trust me, these are very useful they can make anything look more better and appealing than its original look.

Step 1: Supplies

Lot and Lots of washi tape in different forms like the one made in paper, glitter paper form and for each unique uses supplies are given for every particular usage

Size width - 15mm & 7mm

Step 2: Envelope Cover


1) Craft paper - 15 cm x 15 cm

2) Washi tape- 15mm & 7mm both, length as required

If you are starting in a rectangle paper, take one end, fold & cut the excess. I have directly used square paper so just fold it in form of triangle and like wise in the other end too. so that you have four triangles

Step 3: Folding & Pasting

Keep the paper in diamond way take the tip of each paper and fold them inwards i.e., towards the centre. this forms the inside square.

Now fold the left, right and bottom triangle leaving the upper triangle and fold the bottom to touch the top triangle base. Heyyy you have made your own envelope cover. Wait you are not done yet, take beautiful washi tape, I have chosen yellow since my envelope cover is skyblue, gives a good contrast, Tape it on the right & left sides now the envelope has only one opening end that is in the top.

Step 4: Decorate

Decorating part is purely your way of doing, I have done in the way I like. Now tape the upper triangle edge give a good looking finish, also in front I gave a left corner strips and you envelope is finally ready for posting

Step 5: Heart Sticker

Supplies for letter

1) craft paper - 9 cm x 5 cm

2) parchment paper

3) Silver glitter pen

Then I thought what is the point of make a envelope cover without a letter inside, I made a letter with a beautiful message inside.

Draw the heart or any symbols you like on parchment paper, take red cover washi tape and stick on heart overlapping one tape to another, turn the paper and you'll see the outline you have drawn cut the shape accordingly

Step 6: Decorate

Run the washi tape on the edges inside & out. Write wordings on front side, peel of the parchment paper, heart shape will be intact though. stick it on one side

Step 7: Address It

Stick U on the next side, Your letter is ready now it requires to be put inside envelope and give to the right person yourself. Address it on front side.

You may think its old fashioned way of express your love or even reminder in this digital world. But whats not to love about old ways, if you give your handmade letter to your partner, he/she will be very happy for the effort you have undergone to make them feel special Those expressions are priceless... and at what cost, a cost that doesn't put a hole in your pocket.

Step 8: Use No 2


1) Aluminium flexible wire

2) washi tape - 15mm width

Measure & cut 10 cm aluminium wire, Washi tape length should be 8.5cm leaving space at bottom to hold it. Place the tape on both side and press firmly... any idea what it is ?

Step 9: Feather

Round all the four edges reverse it and start cutting the strips as shown in image 2, do it on both sides. Bend it little bit in the way you want.

Step 10: Make Some More

Make your own paper feathers as much you want with same procedure. It can be used as wall hanging, place above wrapped gift, dream catcher and so on...

Step 11: Quote Frame


1) White chart paper - 18 cm x 10 cm

2) Popsicle sticks - 7 Nos

3) Washi tape - 3.5 mm width & 15 mm

4) School glue

5) Smiley air sticker

Cut one round end of four popsicles, place on the chart paper and paste them using school glue, let it dry tape it with washi tape (15mm) and top it by other two popsicles as the width, paste it... forming a frame and tape it too

Step 12: Your Favourite Quote

Write down the quote in pencil, you can alter the chart paper size depending your quote size. Paste a popsicle at the back, this will be useful if you are wall mounting it.

Now for taping the quote, Cut the 7mm into two halves, coz 7mm seems big and kind of ruining the look. Start taping them, this has floral pattern in it white colour, which kinda gives a cool look that your quote is dual colour. you can't be accurate but manage to keep the wording height even, I have given separate colours for separate words.

Step 13: Final Touch

There was kind of more space at the bottom, so I placed a smiley airstickers at the bottom at last minute, hence it will not be shown in supply list photo.

You can either place it at you work desk or study table near your bed and take a look at it whenever you need inspiration.

Step 14: Cocktail Flags


1) Tooth pick - As required

2) Washi tape - 15mm

Take a tooth pick, Cut washi tape, place and stick the tape together and press firmly

Step 15: Ready to Party

Trim the edges of flags in the way you like, make pointed one or inverted V. Place olives on the tooth pick and pour the cocktail and serve them with awesome washi tape flags. This is mostly a party idea or if your inviting your guest over your place. I guess both aren't gonna happen for few more days given the situation, But on the bright side you can use this idea later whenever possible. Just have it mind

Step 16: Make Your Own Coaster

1) Popsicle stick - 15 Nos

2) Washi tape - 15 mm width

3) School glue

4) Rubber bands - 6 Nos

Take three popsicle stick glue it and place one top on the other. Rubber band it on both the ends. Nice and firm

Step 17: Base of Coaster

Do it for two more like it, totally three. This is the strong base of your coaster. Once glue is dry remove the rubber band now, horizontally glue two popsicle at the ends connecting it.

Step 18: Fill It

Leave little space , check out before gluing them, allow even spaces and glue them together. Decorate with colourful washi tape, your mini coaster is ready

Step 19: Book Mark


1) Thin cardboard

2) Embroidery thread - 2

3) Washi tape - 15 mm width

4) Punching machine

5) Jute thread

Mark the bookmark size 12 cm x 4 cm cut it out

Step 20: Tape It

I have used three colour combination to decorate it and followed the same pattern.

Using the embroidery make a tassel. Fold the embroidery thread bunch tie in the middle and tie horizontally leaving little space from top.

Step 21: Make One More

Like wise I made another one bookmark, here I have used cross pattern for decorating it. Use them while reading

Step 22: Earring

Supply for both earrings

1) Rebur (2cm x 2cm) - 2 Nos

2) Chart paper (3cm x 3cm) - 2 Nos

3) Earring hooks - 4 Nos

4) Jump rings - 2 Nos

5) One eye hook - 2 Nos

6) Washi tape 15 mm width

7) School glue

8) Golden beads - 2 Nos

First cut the 2 cm x 2 cm from scrap rebur and sand in silicon carbide paper (not shown in pic). what I have used is weightless, even though volume looks big you won't feel the weight at all. Tape the edges

Step 23: Earring 1#

Fill it crossly on both sides, you can keep as square too, but I wanted in diamond shape, so I pasted one eye hook and glued it. Left it undisturbed until dry. Add the earring hook and you are good to go

Step 24: Pin Wheel Earrings

Take the chart paper and start pasting the washi tape on both sides. Cut from edges towards centre but centre shouldn't be cut.Now fold the half inwards, do it for four edges in same direction. You pinwheel shape is ready

Step 25: Earring 2#

Glue them at the centre placing a golden bead to hide the glue as well to add nice look. Enjoy wearing them. people with be awww... looking at it. I have just made two, there are many more ways and many looks can be made.

Who would have known that mini coaster can be used as earring stand too ;)

Step 26: Tea Lights


1) Scented Tea lights - 6 Nos (as per your requirement)

2) Washi tape 7mm width

This the easiest decoration. Just roll the washi tape on your tea light bottom . My tea light base size was same as tape. so no space left behind.

Step 27: Light Them Up

Enjoy your easy yet colourful decorated tea lights. Set up for a nice date or anniversary or some romantic evening. Amaze your partner. Evenbetter for single people, light it and place them in bathroom and enjoy your spa bath

Step 28: Rose Method 1#


1) Chart paper

2) Round object

3) Washi tape 15 mm width

4) Zigzag scissor

5) Bamboo skewer - 2 Nos

6) Tooth pick - 1 No

Mark the chart paper with round object and cut out. my object was about 9 cm in diameter. Use the zigzag scissor to cut the interior portion by cutting it round in direction towards centre. Try to maintain same gap between them. and leave some portion at the middle

Step 29: Washi Tape It

You need all the time world for this, it is little bit time consuming part. Roll the tape on chart in another direction, i.e., tape them width wise. start doing for the entire swirls and finish it.

Step 30: Keep Rolling

Start rolling from exterior end towards inside, hold quite firm or else it will unravel very fast before you realise. Using tooth pick glue the centre as bottom of flower.

Step 31: Touch Up

That is not enough, you have to glue few edges of paper to each other to make it stay intact. once thats done poke a hole at the bottom using bamboo skewer

Step 32: Rose Stem

I used bamboo skewer of about 14 cm long, add green colour washi tape. For leaves fold the tape cut in leaf form and poke a hole just before the leaf starting point. insert it inside skewer, you have leaves glue them together

Step 33: Rose Method 2#

First method of rose I came to know through online, In my opinion it was looking good but its time consuming and less zig zag in shape after taping them.

so I found my own method of making rose, also its because I'm lazy to do one more as per previous method.

This method I dedicate to all lazy crafty persons like me

Cut the chart paper as before and starting taping the washi tape (no need to overlap) covering entire circle on both sides

Trim off the excess

Step 34: Rose Ready

Using zig zag scissor cut them in circle direction towards inside, leaving a center part. Roll from outside holding firmly, glue at the centre and few on the edges to keep it intact (Follow images of step 30 & 31) poke a hole add the green taped skewer and cut out leaves and glue them at the rose stem

Enjoy making more !!!

Step 35: Thank You

I hope you had nice time reading my instructable, always keep yourself busy doing things that you love. Its the best way to stay happy and young.

These are basic crafts doesn't require a stellar skill. If you make any of these crafts and different ones using this idea I would love to hear from you.

Please post your thoughts and suggestions in comment section

Stay tuned for more

Adios !!!

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