Introduction: A-10 Warthog in Mindcraft

My Instructable is about recreating an A-10 warthog in a videogame. The Videogame is Minecraft. The reason I chose this was because I remember playing this game and though it would be fun to play it again. The reason as to why I chose this plane was because my dad and uncle were both in the military. My uncle as a matter of fact was saved by a A-10 Pilot back when he was in the army. Not only that but it really looks cool. The instructions that you will see are a revised version of it.


Required Materials.

A copy of Minecraft

A device that will play the game ( Xbox, PlayStation, Computer,)

Step 1: Cockpit

What I did was made a new world in created mode. Then once I spawn, I went to work. I decided to build it 54 blocks high from the grown that I was on. Then I started on the cockpit. I used gray glass and Smooth Stone to construct it. Once it was complete, I then used smooth stone stairs to try and make the round part of the plane. After that I then went to make the minigun at the front of the plane. I put a dispenser and loaded it with fire works to simulate the minigun in action. I used Redstone and a lever to make it work. For the roof of the cockpit, I went and used smooth stone slabs to close everything

Step 2: The Body and the Wings of the Plane.

The body consists of smooth stone for the most part. It is a 5x16 in how I built it. I then went and used the smooth stone stairs like before to make the body of the A-10 round on the back. Then when that was complete, I went and started work on the wings. The wings were made from the same block as the body. But for the dimensions it is 3x12 this will need to be done on both sides. Underneath the wings are two pistons with TNT on each side and two more dispensers. This is to imitate the bombs and missiles that are on there. A second switch on the cockpit is what will trigger the TNT to be dropped. As for the back wings I had them 2x8. Then because the back wings extend upward I had it go up by to make it look like the actual plane

Step 3: The Turbines

The turbines that are on the real plane are what will make the A-10 fly. In order to make this look like the turbines I decided that the best way to start making this was to build both at the same time. This way I can know that each of them look the same and I don’t have to worry about messing one up. First, I start with what will connect the plane to the wings. I made it connect with some more smooth stone. As soon as that was done, I then decide to make a 5x3x5 square out of the same block. From there I filled the inside with black concrete in a 3x3 to imitate the turbines in action. I also put a single white concrete block in the middle to show that it was holding the black concrete together. As the finishing touch I wanted to make the turbines look round so I used the smooth stairs from before.