A Better Paper Plane - for All Mankind!!!

Introduction: A Better Paper Plane - for All Mankind!!!

I Set Out to find a Better paper plane! I went all across the globe, and then I finally found the one that changed everything! Follow the picture step and instructions, and use the design wisely!

Step 1: PAPER

Get out a normal Sheet of office paper...

Step 2: FOLD 1

Fold so that all of the Left side edge is touching the Bottom of the paper...

Step 3: FOLD 2

Thou shall fold thy pointed edge to thy corner of said previous fold...

Step 4: FOLD 3

Fold in Half My Brethren... 

Step 5: FOLD 4

Unfold My Precious...

Step 6: FOLD 5

Nose to the middle of that fold Precious just did...

Step 7: FOLD 6

May the fold (in half) be with you...

Step 8: FOLD 7

Scotty, fold both wings about a quarter of the way down, then beam me up...

Step 9: FOLD 8

Folda la vista, baby...


It's alive! It's alive! Now Throw that thing to the sky and watch it fly!!!

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