Introduction: A Birdcage Makeover Into a DIY Cat Bed. Sylvester the Cat Would Be Proud.

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When I saw a birdcage at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I thought DIY ‘Cat Bed.’

So it might not be everyone’s reaction to seeing a birdcage, but as a cat mom, a DIY cat bed seemed perfect. Both of my cats are on the petite side of the feline community, and I’m familiar with their obsession with snuggling in tight spaces.

And, I’ve seen too many Sylvester the Cat vs. Tweety Bird cartoons to think that Sylvester might be proud for this kitty makeover takeover, turning a birdcage into a DIY cat bed. (Of course, Tweety moved away, and didn’t succumb to Sylvester. Everyone wins in my imagination.)

Step 1: Clean Your BirdCage

The birdcage needed to be cleaned first. But, after it was clean and dry, it was ready for a makeover.

Step 2: Choose Your Paint Color

I chose Metallic Gold spray paint from Krylon for the cage. It takes the creamy colored cage into a more glamorous upscale look.

Step 3: Create a Cozy Place for Your Cats

And since every cat loves a comfy place to snuggle, I used a blue fabric with gold and white pin stripes from Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts to make a cushion for the bottom of the cage.

Step 4: Test It Out and Make Adjustments

After testing out the birdcage cat bed with one of my cats, I decided to remove the interior elements of the ring and bell and the food holder. Both made the cage a bit cramped.

But not any more. The ‘birdcage cat bed’ is ready for a napping kitty.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I’d love to know what you think of this DIY cat bed project. Share your ideas below, send a note, or Tweet me right now.