Introduction: A Box for All Seasons

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This is a fun painting project that transforms an ordinary wooden box into a Box for All Seasons!

We had some cube shaped boxes left over from an exhibition, but any largish box will do for this project.

You can put castors on like we did in order to make it easier to move around.

Inspired by this Norman font that we saw on holiday, we decided on a project to depict a season on each of the sides of the box (and the sky on top)

Step 1: Layout Your Images

You need to plan what you will paint on each side.

We did this using one square of paper for each side.

Each side will depict one season.

If you are struggling for ideas for a particular season, think about what you and your friends like to do or you could show a festival that occurs at that time of year.

The things we chose to represent our seasons were:

Spring: Flying kites;

Summer: At the beach;

Autumn/Fall: Halloween;

Winter: Ice skating and snowman building.

Try and make the design as clear and bold as possible, with lots of colour!

Step 2: Prepare the Box

Three of our designs had a lot of sky on them (and the top is all sky), so we tried to get this right first.

We put a base layer of white paint on each side.

Then, using a spray paint, we put a light and textured layer of sky blue.

Finally, we used a sponge to dab on some white paint. The effect we wanted was fluffy and wispy clouds.

It sort of worked.

Step 3: Transfer Your Design

Next we transferred each design onto the side of the box using pencil.

The final (and most time-consuming) part is to paint each design.

We used acrylic paints, which are safe, quite quick to dry, have vibrant colours, and are very hard wearing.

Here you can see the final effect.

Have fun making your own Seasons' Box and if you like ours, give us a comment or vote for us in the "Box" competition!


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