Introduction: A Bracelets From Old Leather Jacket

It's a quick little project. A couple of bracelets made from parts of old faux leather jacket donated me by a friend. It's quiet posible that you may have similar parts or an old belt that you can turn into a bracelet like this. So I'll show you how I did this.

Step 1:

You may be familiar with this jacket from my previous instructable where I was making a flask using its sleave. This time I'm going to need those belt things so I cuted them off.

Step 2:

Then I handsewed the parts together. At the moment I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do so I used red thread for this.

Step 3:

Then I cuted a rectangular piece of red leather and sliced it as shown on picture. But before that I punched holes at the ends of cuts to prevent the leather from tearing (i'ts really not that necessary at project like this but I prefere to do so).

A holes for further securing the piece on a bracelet are needed along the long sides of the detail.

The picture is here because I haven't made a photo of the piece, and it is not a template, just for visuals.

Step 4:

To secure the detail on the bracelet I stitched it to the back of the belt as shown on picture.

Step 5:

At this moment I wasn't happy with the result. It was too floppy and uneven. So I decided to make sort of a decorative seem on the face of the red piece.

This is a first stage of making this seam. It may be useful to draw a straight line using special pen for leather with removable ink or simply do it with a pencil. This is basicaly a saddle stitch with slits instead of holes.

Step 6:

At the second stage I used red thread to weave it into previous stitches from the sides.

You can see that I made a hole at the edge of the red piece and the black stitches are using it to fix the end of the seam (the same hole is at the opposite edge). Use it to hide the end of the red thread after you're done sewing...

...and this is it. Experiment with your own bracelets. Share the photos. Hope it was at least a bit inspirational, and thank you for your attention.