Introduction: A Cardboard Plane

Today, I'm going explain how to make a cardboard plane

Step 1:

wraps the piece number 1 (30cm) and glue her with piece number 10

Step 2:

next, glue the piece number 4 on the piece number 5 on the piece number 9 and glue all that on the tube;

Step 3:

now take the piece number 10,number 11 and all piece number,

put the piece number 11 and glue pieces number 7 parallel with her (2 of each side), next glue the piece numbre 10 on that.

Step 4:

next, take pieces number 6 and the piece number 8.

Glue pieces 6 of each side the piece number 8.

Step 5:

now, take pieces number 2 and glue of each side of the last piece.

Step 6:

next, glue the last piece on the first piece.

Step 7: THE END

now you glue the tube on the rest of the plane and you finish.


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