Introduction: A Chair of Milk Cartons

Don't throw away milk cartons! Amazingly,milk cartons have infinite possibility! You can make a wonderful chair without a lot of materials. You can do it easily even a child. Also, this chair is eco friendly because it is used milk cartons. Let's try it!

Materials and tools
・milk carton
・packing tape
・vinyl tape
・drawing paper

Step 1: Making Main Parts

First, open milk cartons and shape triangle.
Next, shape them into hexagon and fasten it by using packing tape. Then, stuff newspapers into them.
After that, Cover it with opened milk cartons to level the surface.

Step 2: Making Decoration Parts

When put 4 milk cartons all together, connect them by using tape. Put one up lengthways,and put the other on it and connect them by using packing tape. Connect with main part. Then, make a tale made from vinyl tape.

Step 3: Finishing

Stick clothes on the surface. After that, draw eyes using a paper.

Step 4: Conclusion

Look! In this way, we could make a chair from milk cartons easily. It took only 2 hours to do. The most difficult point was sticking clothes on the surface. We tried to straighten clothes not to make wrinkles. Let's make a chair like this! We are sure that this chair makes children happy.

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