Introduction: A Cheap Easy Way to Fix Peeling Paint on Your Car

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Not a lot to teach here just a way to cheaply fix a bad peeling paint job on your car if you have a car like mine my van runs great but the paint keeps peeling off painting my van at a shop would cost 2 to 5 thousand bucks and its a 2001 with a 150000 miles not worth painting so for under 20.00 I brought a Pack of 40 12"x 12" Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets in Assorted Colors from amazon I waited over a year before I called this a success I waited to see how the vinyl would hold up for at least a year, it works great I wash this van regularly I live on a dirt road so lots of washing I can remove the stickers with ease using my finger nail and peeling off, but they do not come off with washing or wind when driving or the heat of summer and it gets hot were I live I don't know how long they will hold up for but not one of the first stickers I applied has gone bad all still holding there color its been a little over a year now for the first stickers.

The bottom of my van has a clear coat that has mostly failed what I did was to was to cover the failed gold color clear coat that is one reason I have so many stickers on the bottom I also wanted to make it look like the pieces of colored stickers were being blown from the bottom of my van ending up all over the van this way when I have to cover any new bad spot that appears I can slap a sticker on it "and there are lots of bad spots on my van" I also used few stickers with messages on them that helps to draw the eyes away from any of the bad spots, I just cut the stickers to what size I want I even keep some extra precut stickers in my van if I see something new appears I can fix it right away.

The vinyl sheets are easy to work with I have lot of left over material to cover any new bad spots as needed.

I get lot of complements on the paint job on this van people thinks it custom .

Step 1: I Found Two New Spots to Repair and a Spot I Fixed About Six Months Ago on the Door Frame When Taking Photos

I found 2 spots were a bubble of paint needed fixing on the gold running board and its hard to see in photo but there was a scratch that had been fixed before I had the van it was turning a different color took less then 30 seconds to fix both spots if you look at the third photo this is about a 6 to 7 month old fix about 6 to 8 inch's of paint peeled from my door frame I used white vinyl some what match the white paint color to cover the missing paint and then the green and gold vinyl stickers to draw your eyes away to help hide the fix, the pack of forty sheets you will find colors that are close to the color of most cars a friend of mine has a burgundy color explorer with a small scrape we fixed it with a small square of vinyl it looks very good yes you can see it if your looking for it, but its much better then the scrape mark that was very noticeable .