Introduction: A Easy Meal to Make for Your Bearded Dragon!

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A meal that you will love making, and your bearded dragon will love eating!
Watch the video for two "bonus" meals!

Step 1: Of Making "The Spring Salad"

Step one of making "The Spring Salad" is soaking the bearded dragon pellets.

  1. Pour 5-10 pellets in a bowl.
  2. Pour enough water so the pellets are just barely floating.
  3. Place them off to the side to soak.

Step 2: Of Making "The Spring Salad"

Step 2 of making "The Spring Salad" is only necessary if you have frozen strawberries. If you have fresh strawberries, then just skip this step.

  1. Take one frozen strawberry and put it in a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Place the strawberry in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  3. Take it out of the microwave.
  4. Set it to the side to cool. We'll come back to it later.

Step 3: Of Making "The Spring Salad"

Step 3 of making "The Spring Salad" is cutting the fresh foods.

  1. Cut 1-2 inches off a banana. Then slice it up into pieces about half the size of a dime.
  2. Slice 2 baby carrots into thin pieces. If you have large carrots, slice it into tiny pieces. You should have about 2tsp of carrots.
  3. Cut up a broccoli piece. Make sure you slice the stem of the broccoli into tiny pieces. Warning: Broccoli is messy!
  4. Cut up your strawberry. If it's a fresh strawberry then cut it along with the other fresh foods. If its a microwaved strawberry then just cut it up in the bowl your microwaved it in. If its a microwaved strawberry then make sure you cut all the stringy bits up!

Step 4: Of Making "The Spring Salad"

Step four of making "The Spring Salad". You're so close to being done!

Pour out any excess water soaking pellets have left. You don't need to pour it all out, just most of it.

Step 5: Of Making "The Spring Salad"

Step five of making the spring salad is just putting it all in one bowl! Simple!

Now pour the strawberry in, and then all the fresh food on top of the soaked pellets! Way to go! You've finished "The Spring Salad"!