Introduction: A Fantastic Card! :-)

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Oh no! You have been using quilling strips a lot and for different purposes and now your strips are all of different lengths! You don't know any other alternative except throwing away the leftover strips until..... You come across this instructable!
Hi everyone! This is my first ever instructable! This instructable will teach you to make this fabulous quilling card and I hope that you have fun!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
A piece of black paper
Some quilling strips in different lengths
Some shiny opaque pens in silver and gold
Other decorations (optional)
Pencil, scissors and some glue

Sorry, I forgot to click a picture of this step but the supplies are all basic materials...

Step 2: Quilling

Take a gay assortment of colours of the quilling strips and cut them to different lengths. Variations in the length results in different sized coils which looks really cool!
Using a quilling needle or toothpick, roll the strip into tiny circles.
Make both - loose coils as well as tight.

Step 3: Paper

Take a small piece of black paper and fold it into half.
Draw an oval with a pencil.
Draw tiny circles around the border.

Step 4: Pasting

Paste the circles inside the oval shape in water order you like.
Just use your aesthetic sense and do what ever looks good.
Just take care not to fill the whole oval with quilling circles. Instead, draw tiny rings and a dot in between with the pens. This shape resembles the bullet point.

Step 5: Embellishments

Add Some decorative embellishments if you like.
I chose to put some glitter coated key rings (small).

And you are done! Just write a message for the person you want to give the card to and you are set to rock!
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