Introduction: A Flower Bed - by Upcycled Papers

Reuse the papers for a great florishing feel.

This is a DIY livingroom decor.It will be add a brightness to your house.It is so easy.It is made up of wasting papers.So it is an ECO friendly craft.


wasting papers,wasting cardboard, glue, paint, cellotape,white paper, pair of scissors

Step 1: Making Roses

First take a paper and cut a circle and then cut it like this

Roll it like this .

Paste it with gum.

Step 2: Making Leaves.

Cut the leaves as you like .

Wrap the leaf, curl with scissors or something like this, or fold it. twist it like this.

Step 3: Butterfly & Small Rolls

cut your own a beautiful me.

roll some papers like this and cut then paste.

Step 4: Making the Basket.

cut the milk packet as you want and paste it with sellotape. then fill some wasting papers to it.

It is super eeeeeasy.

Step 5: Oh Pretty White Roses

paste the rose flowers and leaves. now you're done.


Step 6: ROSE Flower Bed Is Going to Be Flourished."Old Papers Turned to Blooming Flowers."

if you want to be colorful paint it as you wish."LOOK WHAT WE DID"."Old papers turned to blooming flowers."

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