Introduction: A Great Way to Propagate Your Succulents!

Do you want to be able to duplicate your succulents with ease?

If you have any experience growing succulents, you are aware that it can be a bit tricky to water them without getting the plant wet. Here is a great way on how to begin growing more succulents from an existing plant and without having to worry about watering it! We are going to be making a cheap, miniature greenhouse, that will guarantee growth for your succulent leaves.

Step 1: Before You Begin...

Materials needed:

· Water (approximately 2-3 cups worth)

· A clear jug (If it’s not clear, it won’t work as well)

· Scissors (or a sharp blade)

· An existing succulent plant (to take starting leaves from)

· Access to a partly sunny, partly shady window spot

Step 2: Make the Incision Into the Container...

You will begin by cutting holes into the top of the container with a sharp blade.

Here, I am choosing to use a scissors. Once the puncture has been made, give the blade a small twist so that you’re able to have a bit of an opening. You can make as many holes as you would like, in this demonstration I am doing 5 cuts. (be sure not to make the slits too large, as the plants will just fall through).

Step 3: Add H20

Add water to the bottom of the jug.

You want to use approximately 2-3 cups. Then be sure to cover the top again.

(You can add as much water as you’d like, just be sure not to get within a ½ inch of where the leaves rest as the goal is to keep them from being touched by water).

Step 4: Gather the Starters...

Pluck the leaves from an existing plant just like in the picture above.

(If this is your first time, don’t worry, they pull off with just a slight tug).

Step 5: Put the Leaves Into the Container

Now that you have your succulent leaves, pop them into the slits we made. The side that was originally connected to the plant, goes in head first. (reference previous picture if you are unsure).

Step 6: Place the Container

Place the container in a window, in a spot that gets part sun and part shade, and Voila! Let nature take its course and watch as they grow!

Step 7: Once the Blooming Begins

In approximately 2 weeks you shall see results (possibly sooner). Once they get to the size in the pictures above, cut/pull them out of the jug and set them onto black dirt, just like so! Your succulent will continue to grow and flourish. Succulents should be watered once a week with a decent soaking, but remember, try not to get the leaves wet. A spray bottle, a spoon, or simply just pouring the water directly onto the dirt in the corner of the pot will work!

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