A Heart With a Twist

Introduction: A Heart With a Twist

This a touch board activity that make sounds when you touch the word. The sounds are about what the words are for example the beach has a sound of the beach waves.

Step 1: Materials

- touch board

- big sheet of paper

- conductive ink pen

- conductive paint

- conductive string

- word cloud image

- lipo battery

- a speaker

Step 2:

- print big word cloud heart sheet

- fill in important words with the conductive paint/ink pen

Step 3:

- download word sounds onto touch board

- tape touch board to the heart sheet

- connect lines to the important words

- fill in the lines with conductive ink pen

- tie conductive thread to touch board, then tape them onto the lines that are attached to the words you choose

- IMPORTANT NOTE!!! don't let the lines touch or else they won't work

Step 4:

- Good luck connecting the lines to the words you choose!

And thank you for taking you're time to see how we made our project work!! :)

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    4 years ago

    Love this! Would be great for toddlers learning basic words or babies (pictures of animals or family members).