Introduction: Encyclopedia Table


Table parts

  • 23 encyclopedias
  • metal rod and bolt
  • encyclopedia pages
  • old table base
  • round wooden tabletop


  • electric drill and wood drill bit
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • ratchet wrench
  • screwdriver and screws

Craft supplies

  • mod podge
  • epoxy resin
  • glue sticks
  • wood glue
  • rulers
  • markers
  • scissors
  • construction paper

Step 1: Finding Your Table Parts

We found a piece of scrap wood at our local hardware Habitat for Humanity Re-Store store. We also got a base for the bottom from an old restaurant table. Someone donated the encyclopedias.

Step 2: Getting the Base Ready

We used 23 encyclopedia books, you can use any books you'd like!

Measure and mark the center of each book, mark it with a red sharpie so it is easy to see. Once all the books are marked you can start drilling a hole through each one. We drilled the books using a wood drill bit and on a hard surface. Remember that the hole has to be big enough so the support rod can fit through it, so that is the size of the drill bit.

Step 3: Building the Base

Put each book on the the rod on the base.

We used hot glue in the center and wood glue on the edges to make it stick right away and stay together for a long time. Turn each book at the angle you want for the book stack which is building the base.

Put the metal support part on top of rod and use a ratchet wrench to make the bolt tight. We had to keep adding books until we reached the top of the rod.

Step 4: Cover and Design (design Is Optional)

We ripped pages out of encyclopedia books and used mod podge to hold and seal the papers.

We cut out fish shapes out of construction paper to design the table (you can cut out any designs you like).

Step 5: Final Touches

Measure and mark with marker where the screws go to attach the top, and drill holes in these spots. Attach the round top of the table to the support rod connected to the base. We used screws in the metal support that went into the top of the table.

We used epoxy resin for the top coat. Please follow the instructions on the box and wait a day. Now the top is hard and can be used to play cards or do homework!