Introduction: A Homemade Solar Uven

an easy way to make cookies at school.

Step 1: Get a Plain Pizza Box

I got mine from AJ's is is green.

Step 2: Markout Where to Cut

I marked out 3 lines except for when the pizza box folded in yellow.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Outlined Shape

Be CaRefUl KidS, Xacto knives are not safe.

Step 4: It Will Look Like This

Step 5: Cover Your Flap With Tin Foil

Please Excuse the keeper of the tin foil.

Step 6: Cover the Bottom With Cling Wrap

Open The pizza box and tape cling wrap to the bottom of the lid.

Step 7: Cover the Top With Cling Wrap

Tape the cling wrap to the top of the pizza box lid just like the bottom.

Step 8: Cover the Bottom of the Pizza Box With Tin Foil

Step 9: Place (Not Glue) Black Construction Paper to the Box

Step 10: Bake It

Put the cookie dough in the box, close the lid, and place the box in a sunny spot. For us the cookies were warm in a 75 minutes but were never baked 100% after 24hrs we checked them agan just for fun. They were mainly cooked and many of our friends said they tasted good.