Introduction: A LOG STORY.

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Once upon a time a man walking in the woods found a log and stare at them looking for some inspiration and wondering what else could be hidden in those pieces of dead nature. It was about time to give them some life.

This time I want to share with you some of my woodworking projects that I made from just one log. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Gathering Tools and Materials

Driftwood log

Soft wood

Jig saw


Carving tools

River stones

Step 2: Coat Hanger With RR Spikes

This particular piece of wood is a root of a tree that was striked by a Lightning burning it and killing from inside, thats whyit look roasted. I just Pick up 5 old Railroad Spikes and cutted it one inch away. Then with a drill make 5 holes and put the spikes on it, sand and finnally varnish the whole piece. I installed it in the wall with two big bolts.

Step 3: Shrink Pot / Planter

I just drilled a couple of wholes and remove the inside of the log, then sanded the interior with 180 grind sandpaper. once is cleaned and smooth, I draw the bottom of the shrink pot a nd cut away the remaining pieces. For the Shrink pot I made a lid with a slice of wood and as a handle i put a Black wallnut. I added some ornaments made with agave Yarn or Cabuya.

Step 4: Stoned Owl Key Hanger

I cutted slices of wood od 3 cms, take some river stones and painted with acrylic paints the shape of some owls. I glued with glue gun and out some key hooks.

Step 5: Kuksa

Unfortunatelly I didnt have photos of the process in the making of my kuksa but I can swear that was made of the same log.I had to make a hook knife from a steel was really hard to carve and remove the remaining branch that was growing inside the burl but it looks so natural and organic.

Step 6: Whittling

I started to whittling just fooling around . Just take care of cutting away fom your body. My main tool was an office cutter and some cheap carving tools, you can see with detail in here.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

There was a lot of fun and work involved in this project. I just want to share with you the possibilities that lays in the wood working . hope you like it , rated it and vote. please let me know with some comments how do you like it or if you want to try any of these easy projects.

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