Introduction: A Life of a Robot

My project included Lego creations that interacted with each other in a stop-motion fashion.

Step 1: Step 1: Brainstorming

The first thing that you will want to focus on is a premise.

"What do I want to create?"

"How will I go about creating it?"

These are the types of question's you'll need to ask yourself in order to figure out what you will be making. After you've come up with a what, why, where, and how, you're ready to begin creating!

Step 2: Step 2: Blueprints

Now that you have got the basis for your creation, you are ready to begin the process of physical creation!
I took the time to think out the design for my Lego robot and man, then attempted to build it.

It may take some trial and error, but keep at it!
Some things to keep in mind are:

"Will what I'm doing now affect the creative process in the future?"

Always keep in mind that you can retrace your steps and try something new!

Step 3: Step 3: Stop Motion

After you've got your Lego created, you should be thinking about how they will be interacting with each other.
The stop motion process involves taking several pictures of your creations while altering their positions in between photos.
Take the time to think about the little details such as: "Where will my creation be moving? How will I make it move?"
These things will ensure that your stop motion video is fluent.

Step 4: Step 4: Revise If Needed

After you've created your stop motion video, take a minute to think if it really met your expectations.
You can always go back and edit your photos if the video is too choppy. Remember to take your time and save your progress as well!

A few challenges that my group faced while doing this assignment were keeping the Lego intact, making sure the stop motion was fluent, and coming to an amicable agreement as to what should occur in our video.

As long as you put your mind to it, you'll do just fine and I'm sure you'll be happy with your creation!

Happy making!