Introduction: A-Maze-ing Fun With Truchet Tiles

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Maze-like designs like this are easy to make whether you chose to create them for real or in Photoshop.

They are a variation on something called Truchet Tiles.

Step 1: Design Your Tiles

Design some tiles for yourself that visually connect to each other regardless of how they are placed. In this example I made sure my tiles all had 'gates' in the center of each edge, and 'roadways' that connected those 4 gates in one way or another.

Make the tiles from rubber stamps, clay, carved wood, or any other material you like. I leave those details to you.

Or follow the procedure presented in the video in step 3 and print the resulting design. If you know any Photoshop I think you'll enjoy the video.

Step 2: Randomly Place Your Tiles

If you are making a pattern like this using real materials then all you need to do is choose your next tile and its orientation from a bag, according to the throw of a dice, or by whatever random means you like.

Step 3: Don't Miss the Video - It's Kind of Cool

If you are here for the video and the Photoshop workflow, I hope you enjoy it. I think it's fairly novel and may stimulate in you other ideas along these lines.