Introduction: A Meter Big Quilled Mandala!

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''The Art of Quilling'' - an art as easy, effective and efficient as it can get! All you need is some strips of paper, some glue, a little bit of patience and marvel at your hands create miracles like they never did before!

We got introduced to this 2 years ago and today we can proudly say that all that we have made and learnt in these past 2 years was all entirely by ourselves without the help of any external source, not even the internet, and thus we can say it with confidence that you don't require any experience in advance.

A Mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe, encompassing the whole.

Keeping these two ideas in mind, we have let our emotions flow out into these strips of paper to create something simple yet beautiful. We also wanted to take it up as a challenge and therefore kept our diameter a meter long! We also used a total of 3500 strips!

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Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

You can choose the colours and thickness of your strips depending on the design that you wish to make. We used ''5mm strips'' and picked a variety of colours to make several colour combinations as we felt that would give it a more vibrant look.


  • Quilling Paper
  • Paper Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Coloured Paper (We used Handmade Paper)

Once you have your materials you are ready to get started!

Step 2: Designing and Overview

To start off with, we had an idea in mind about how we wanted our Mandala to look like but we didn't have a definite picture. We kept constructing the next steps as we went along, instead of designing the entire thing before starting, because we preferred a spontaneous approach instead of a detailed plan.

Step 3: Preparing the Base

You can choose the diameter of the base depending on how big you want your mandala to be. As I mentioned in the intro, our diameter was 1m long!

Now, the most easily accessible and affordable base was a cardboard one, out of which we cut out our circle. If the colour of your cardboard is that of your desired choice then you can leave it as it is. If it is not, like in our case, you could cover it up with a coloured paper. We used a white handmade paper, so that it could contrast with all the vivid colours that we had.

Step 4: The Basic Shapes

Once you know your basic shapes, you can go ahead and make any design you want by simply either arranging them in patterns of your choice or choosing different colours. You could also create new shapes by playing around with the strips and moulding them into shapes of your choice.

Step 5: Making the Mandala

As we mentioned earlier, the beauty of Quilling lies in the fact that it can be moulded into any shape or pattern that you want. So go ahead and express your feelings into these strips of paper. Geometrically, a Mandala is a pattern or design that involves concentric circles. The design, of course is completely at the mercy of your imagination.

Step 6: Time to Admire!

There you are! Your emotions and feelings beautifully executed in these strips of paper.

All that you have to do now is find a wall that needs some embellishment and hang your creation up on it. Then sit back and admire!

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