Introduction: A Minecraft Torch That Actually Works!

     Have You ever wanted to keep Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Creepers from spawning in your house outside of the world of minecraft?

     If so you came to the right place!

     This was my attempt at making a minecraft torch that actually lights up! Online they go for about 35 dollars (!!!) so I decided to make one myself, using supplies I found around the house.

The supplies needed:

FPSX Gaming Torch Template (Just print it out on a normal sheet and it will work fine even if the bottom is cut off)

Wood (I used a 2x4 that was cut to match the print out)

Small and thin Battery powered Head lamp (to fit in the front of the torch)

Tape/Glue (to glue the paper template around the wood)

Sprayable Laquer (To seal it all together)

Sand Paper (to smooth wood and sand to fit)

***No Coal Needed!***

The Tools Needed:

Screwdriver (to open the Head Lamp)

Small Handsaw/ Serrated Blade (to cut wood and plastic around head lamp) 

Drill/Chisel (to hollow out the top of the wood)

Step 1: Prepare the Head Lamp Light

     The head lamp I used was a cheap kind that was relatively small and only had one setting for light. I used a head lamp that contained the on and off button directly underneath the light source, which made it easier to work into the wood block later on, because of not needing to cut extra holes or rerouting anything. 
     It was easy to unscrew and disassemble, but the hard part came when getting it to fit. Take a handsaw and cut off the plastic surroundings, but be careful not to cut any wiring or battery casing. Once I got it down to what looked like an adequate size I still needed to shave off some more to make it fit.

Step 2: Preparing the Wood!

     Take the paper template and measure the dimensions of the length, width, and height of the torch. This may vary depending on how it is printed but my dimensions ended up being 1.5 by 1.5 by 7.5 inches. Cut the wood to match those dimensions and then if you want to, you can sand down the edges (I know its a blocky minecraft thing but sanding them down a little will help the paper fold around it).

     Next you should take a drill and hollow out the middle to about the point where the head lamp light will sit. The hole probably still won't be big enough to fit the head lamp light so have a chisel and sand paper ready to expand it.

     When its ready the head lamp light should fit snuggly in with the led's at the surface or slightly protruding from the block.

Step 3: Make It Look Like a Minecraft Torch!

     Now what you need to do is cut out the template and see how it fits around your block.

     The hardest part of this step is the top of the torch! Originally I had wanted the led's to be hidden underneath the top so it would look like a normal minecraft torch but the paper impaired the light so badly that it wasn't worth it. Maybe if you can print out the top on transparency sheets (what they use on overhead projectors)  or color it over a clear plastic it may work, but I ended up just cutting out holes so that the lights fit through.

     When your ready line up the edges and adhere the paper to the wood with glue and/or tape (If your like me and the paper printed out cutting off the bottom just print it out again and cut out a piece from the torch body or just color it in yourself). If you measured it right than it should fit without overlapping or any wood visible.

     Finally in order to make it look not like paper and kind of get rid of all of the seems, I sprayed it will clear lacquer. (CAUTION! Not all printers, papers, and inks can take this! Test it out on something else printed out to see if it smears, drips, or dissolves.)

     Let it dry.


     You now have your very own minecraft torch that actually works!
    Place 'em around your house to keep Zombies, Creepers, and Skeletons from spawning!
    Use 'em when you go cave exploring!
     HAVE FUN!

Step 4: Other Options!

If you have more time and expertise you may want to:

- Stain the wood and/or hand paint it.

-Have an openable battery door to replace batteries.

- Make the light in the center of the lit part of the torch and have the light visible through all sides.

-Use something other than wood.

-Hollow out the whole thing and place an entire flashlight inside.

-Create a wall mount.

Share more ideas in the comments!
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