Introduction: A New Flower Home for Lego Minifigures

Over the summer, our family went to Mongolia for 10 days. While there, we learned how to make flower crowns with wildflowers by braiding, threading, and twisting them together. Additionally, we grew up playing with Legos and thought it would be fun to build a house for our Lego minifigures. Our inspiration to build a flower house came from making flower crowns and playing with Legos.

In this instructable, you will learn how to build a house that holds flowers and legos. If you like this instructable, please vote for us in the Plastics contest!

- Debbie and Michael

Step 1: The LEGO Story

Once upon a time, there was a Lego family that needed a new home. All they had was a 10-inch by 10-inch green board with nothing on it. They required that their house provide shelter and appear beautiful. As a result, they hired us as their architects to help them fix their problems and construct a new home.

Step 2: Materials

1. LEGO Classic Green Baseplate 1070: You may use different colors if you like

2. 1/25 inch Clear Acrylic: Acrylic is better when it comes to water, but wood works too

3. Flower Bouquet or Wildflowers: Any flowers or plants of any sort

4. Hot Glue Gun

5. Two Mini Hinges: Any type of hinges for the doors should work

6. LEGO Minifigures: Any other LEGO pieces would be cool too! Though I only included three LEGO minifigures

7. Scissors: Needed to cut flowers

Step 3: Determine Your Dimensions

Determine where you want the center of your house to be! Perhaps you want a larger front lawn or a bigger backyard!

Additionally, determine dimensions for your:

1. House walls

2. House doors

3. House roof

Step 4: Draw in Adobe Illustrator

After determining the dimensions for your house, you can start drawing out your pieces in Adobe Illustrator! These pieces will be printed out on 0.25inch clear acrylic with the laser cutter.

Here are the pieces I drew:

1. 3inch by 0.5inch poles to provide support at each corner of the house

2. 1/4inch quarter circles the poles sit on

3. 5inch by 3inch walls with 0.25inch by 0.25inch square holes/grids

4. 2.5inch by 3inch doors with 0.25inch by 0.25inch square holes/grids. Along each side, include small holes to drill in screws

5. 5inch by 5inch base that will sit ontop of the poles and walls

6. 3inch by 4inch rectangle for the roof to sit on

7. 1inch by 4inch rectangle for the roof to sit on

8. 5inch by 5.5inch rectangles with 0.5inch by 0.5inch square holes/grids that will serve as the roof

Step 5: Laser Cut Your Pieces

After you finish drawing our your pieces, send your file to the laser cutter to be printed. I used the ILS 12.75 Laser Cutter and it requires the stroke to be 0.001 pt and RGB red.

Step 6: Building the Foundation

With one quarter circle piece and 2 poles, use hot glue to attach them together so that they are strong and stable. Repeat by completing the other three corners then glue them to the Lego board.

Step 7: Building the Walls

Once the poles are in place, you may now glue on the walls and attach some flowers.

Step 8: Thread Flowers

To ensure that the flowers stay in place, thread them through the grids. This way, the flowers will stay in place and not stick out everywhere.

Step 9: Attach the Ceiling

You may attach the ceiling after the house is stable and all glue is dry. Make sure everything is stable and flat so that the ceiling can effectively hold the roof.

Step 10: Building the Roof

To complete the roof, first glue down the small rectangular pieces. The tallest piece in the middle and the two shorter ones on the left and right. Then, put glue on top of each of those pieces and attach the roof.

Step 11: Decorate the Roof With Flowers

Add flowers to your roof! It might look nice to have larger, more colorful flowers on the rooftop!

Step 12: Attaching the Front Door

As shown in the photos, attach a small hinge on to a pole and door. Then repeat the process for the last door.

Step 13: Adding Decorations

Add more flowers if you wish and decorate the Lego board with more legos! Put furniture inside the house and bring in the Lego family!

Step 14: Welcome the LEGO Family

Yay!! The Lego family is happy, satisfied, and thankful for their new, beautiful home!!

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