Introduction: A Pallet Horse...

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Lets make a Pallet horse..... it's a horse of course....

I made it from 1 pallet and there blocks. You can choose what size the horse will be.

Mine was 30 cm high and 45 cm long. When it is opened it is 90 cm long.

For full instructions watch the video.

Step 1: What You Need...

1. A Pallet

2. 4 Pallet blocks

3. Glue

4. A saw

5. Clamps

6. Beltsander

7. 2 Hinges

8. Rope

9. Bradnailer and 40 mm long brads

10. A dowl

Step 2: Lets Started...

First take the pallet apart. Keep 4 good blocks for the project.

Cut all the pieces into the right lenght. ( you need to know how tall the child is to get the right hight.)

You need:

4 blocks, 4 legs, 4 long parts for the seat and bottum, 2 sides, 3 pieces for the neck and head.

And some scrap pieces to make the wheels.

Glue the blocks and make the seat by nailing them together.

Step 3: Lets Go On....

Drill holes into the wheels.

Make them round on a beltsander.

Measure the holes for the legs and use a can to make the conrners round.

Glue the legs on the blocks.

Place the bottum between the legs glue and nail them.

Put the sides between the blocks and on the bottum.

Glue the dowles into the holes of the wheel and and mount the on the legs

Step 4: Nearly Done

Put on the hinges.

Make the neck on the seat. I used a support.

Drill a hole for the pin to keep the rope inplace when to seat is closed.

Put on the head pieces. Use a piece of rope though the holes so this can be used as a pull cord.

Make the tale from some left over rope.

And you Pallet horse is done.