Introduction: Stir Fried Seaweed

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Seaweed is a very healthy food. There are so many minerals, vitamines and fibers in it.

And it is free !!!! If you are nearby the sea ofcourse.

In my holidays I make a lot of long bike rides across a country.

And when you camp it is importent that you have a quick, good and sturdy meal.

I notice that you can find seaweed for free near the coast. And if your not just buy it in a local shop.

Step 1: Find What You Need ......

Seaweed: Fresh or dried.....

I found mine on the beach washed it with cold water and let it dry so I could take it with me.

Step 2: Let It Dry...

(Just hang it in the sun and let it dry. This take a few hours.)

Step 3: What You Need...

Dried or fresh Seaweed



Olive oil

Salt and Peper.

You can choose anything you like to stir and fry.

Step 4: Chop, Chop....

Chop the Seaweed, Carlic and Tomato's in small pieces.

Step 5: Heat It Up

Heat up your burner ......

Step 6: Fry....

Fry the Carlic in the Olive oil till is give a good smell.

Step 7: Add the Seaweed

Add the chopped Seaweed and stir it till it has a glaze color.

Step 8: Add the Tomatos

Add the chopped Tomato's and stir everything well.

Step 9: Nearly Done....

Add some salt or peper and serve it warm.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Meal !!!!

You can eat bread, rice, beans etc with it.

Enjoy your meal !!!!

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