Introduction: A Palm for You

This is a great mother's day, father's day, birthday, Valentine's day, ext, gift for anybody. This will make the receiver feel loved and will be something the receiver of the gift could carry around forever.



any 2 colors of your choice

white paint

canvas( of your choice)


writing utensil


canvas stand(optional)

Step 1: Base for Your Canvas

Paint a thin layer of white paint over all of your canvas for a smooth finish. This will make your other colors run over your canvas much smoother, give your canvas one solid color, and cover up anything else that doesn't need to be seen. Let the white coat of paint dry.

Step 2: First Color

Add color of your choice to the top of the canvas. Blend this color down to about 1/3 way of your canvas leaving the rest of the canvas white. The top color should gradually get lighter when blending down 1/3 of the way. If you need help blending you can add a little water to make your brush glide across the canvas a little easier.

Step 3: Second Color

Get your second color and start from the bottem gradually blending your way up. The blend should be darker to lighter. Make your way 1/3 up leaving the middle white. let dry. When done the canvas should have one color at the top blended into white, then the white blended into a different color.

Step 4: Tape

When the paint is fully dry, add tape to the middle of the canvas. Make sure no paint will seep through the edges. You can make the tape range from however wide you wish.

Step 5: Hands

Get white paint and cover your entire hand with it. Press your hand against the right side of the canvas in a slanted direction. Repeat this on the left side of your canvas.

Step 6: Remove

Remove the tape carefully.

Step 7: Carefully

Carefully write whatever you please in the white space.

Step 8: Done

When the paint is dry you are now done and can gift the painting to a loved one or yourself!