A simple card to gift it to someone as hand-made gifts are more special (and cheaper too) than those bought from the market and to utilize waste papers. I made this for my parents on their 40th wedding anniversary.


A simple white A4 size sheet .

A picture

Red paint

A plastic transparent sheet


punched hearts or shapes

Step 1: The Great Beginnings

Take the A4 sized sheet and fold it in half , now make square of size 13x14 cm and cut it to make it look like a window. you may outline it with a black sketch pen or thin rectangular sheet .

Step 2: The Satisfying Step

Take the plastic sheet and cut it in the same size and shape , now put the punched waste or you can even cut specific shapes and put them in the plastic sheet and seal it . Paste the plastic sheet on to the card with a tape or glue . I would suggest to use tape as it is more secure.

Step 3: Tap Tap

Take red paint and dip the earbud and tap around the window and then lighten the color with water and fill the whole sheet or you can make any design you want to .

Step 4: Showstopper

Print a picture of the same size and paste it inside of the card and paste the other sides to make a frame .

Write wishes inside for the card part .

you made a cute satisfying card or frame !

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