Introduction: Arduino Talking Robot

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Jokes aside , let's try have a look at the material needed:


* Arduino nano
* Sd card reader

* Small speaker

* Sd card

* Soldering iron and soldering wire

* Good copper wires

* 3D printer

* Hot glue gun and super glue

* Some PLA filament : glow in the dark for cool nigh time ;)

* 9v battery * 9v battery clip

Step 1: 3D Pinting the Parts

This is very easy all you need to do is 3d print the parts.

I will share my printer settings so this can help you and be a reference point .

I use cura 4.6 as my slicer.

Every printer is different , so make sure to try first a small piece to make sure every thing works fine , and use a good filament.

I only designed the box base , the doll model can be foundhere.

Step 2: Cleaning the Printes

Make sure your parts are clean .

Use hexo knife to clean all the parts and pliers to remove the supports.

Be gentle especially in the arms and legs because they are kinda fragile .

Step 3: Glue the Body

Now this is may not be needed if you want your model to come apart for packaging or something , but if you just want to put it as a decoration , use hot glue to fix the tail and the body parts , super glue woks great for that too.

Step 4: The Electronics

To be honest , the electronics are very simple , its just a matter for wiring some wires , i made an instructables project for that , click here.

the only difference is this time we added a sensorto detect the touch and play the music.

you can add an on of switch to the case , use a soldering iron the make th hole and super glue to fix it in place.

the code is simple and if you have any question let me know in the comments.

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Step 5: Code

You can find the code and the music file from here , but i showed you in the videohow to convert any mp3 file to work with the sd card.

Arduino nano , uno , and pro mini will work fine with this code.