Introduction: Arduino Mp3 Player

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Hey makers , i will show you how to make your Arduino capable of outputting voices , using sd card reader and a speaker.

In the video above i showed you 3 circuit on how to wire this projects to get the best results.

The parts you need for this project are ( for the 3 configurations) :

* Arduino nano , uno

* Sd card reader

* speaker

* breadboard

* wires

* 2 npn transistors

*1 resistor 1k will do the job

* audio amplifier ( i will let you choose what you need , any one will make the sound louder , but how loud you want it depends on you).

Step 1: What Is Sound

Sound is a pressure wave which is created by a
vibrating object. This vibrations set particles in the sur- rounding medium (typical air) in vibrational motion, thus transporting energy through the medium. ( from google)

In electronics we need a DAC : digital to analog converter to be able to out put clean voices , but in case of the Arduino we dont have one .So we will cheat and use PWM singals to generate the sound , not that DAC and PWM are not the same but for this particular scenario we can pretend they are .

important note: the result will not be clean and the quality of the sound will be passable but not great

if you want the best output possible there are some mp3 player modules that can used with arduino.

but i dont have at hand now , but i will make a video on it int the futre

Step 2: CODE

Follow the video and convert your mp3 files to wave and download the library needed for the project.

The code is easy and i put a lot of comments , if you have any questions let me know.

Step 3: First Ciruit

This is the first circuit in this project , this is a bear bone set up with no amplification what so ever , so the sound will be quite .

The wiring is very easy just follow the schematic.

notice that some sd card reader can work with 3.3v or 5v so it's your call.

Step 4: Second Circuit

This is the second circuit , we will use 2 npn transistors and 1 resistor , notice that any npn transistor will work .

you can even use some audio amplifer IC like the LM386.

NOTE ; i got this circuit shematic from google , they have a nice platform

Step 5: 3rd Circuit

This is the last circuit , we used a commercial type amplifier to get an insanely loud music , in the video i only amplified the sound a bit because my power supply hit the current limit and shut down itself .

I used 15 w 2 channel amplifier , i 12 v 2 amp power source .

depending on your needs you may go with small amplifier or a loud one , the more power the amplifier is rated for the louder the sound . and the more power you need to make it work properly.

the wiring is simple just use the same as the first circuit but this time the pin 9 will go the the amplifier .