Introduction: A Tell-Tale Heart Tattoo

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Long time I haven't uploaded something of my own but here's a self made tattoo I perfomed over myself that reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe's murder-mistery story about having hidden body parts in a room!

To clarify before we begin this tutorial you will need the previous knowledge on how to use a tattoo machine and its components as well being aware about hygiene procedures and the proper disposal of needles. This will be a very short one. Remember I'm not teaching on how to Tattoo in itself rather than the result I self got in this imaginary procedure.

I hope you enjoy it and see if you can send me some hearts of your own too!


For this you will need:

- A liner and shader tattoo machine

- RL5 and 12M1 needles

- Black and Vermelion Red inks.

Step 1: Lines Lines and Filling It With Color

Rule number one: Always start with the liner part before the drawing be erasing while you advance in the work.

As you guys could apreciate in the introductory picture there was present the drawing of a human heart over the table already traspassed into the hectographic paper that will later served us to print over our skin or into another (previously shaved as the hair can get stock in the machine and screw over the liner work).

Since it is a relative a small project I made it all (the color, the lines and the drawing) in one trip. Be careful into the level of tiredness since tattoo also means pain you will want to end it quickly and the color part will required a lot more patience than you could think.

A quick tip that might help you to reach some results is you have to be as gentle with your movements as you can. Its human skin your working and it will fight back.

Step 2: Heart-flesh Emoji

And here it is after healing a few days after. Protective plastic off and hair taking over the previously invaded lands. It's an open scar that's left so be sure to take care of it: No pool parties, exercises or drop alcohol over of any kind.

As you can see the red tone is quite a tricky color to work with as it tends to camouflage with the color of the blood and the redness of swollen skin. Just be sure to be patience with this one and don't be discourage if it doesn't reach a uniform tone overall and keep practicing.

Take care in these times of crisis and good luck from begginers like me.

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