Introduction: A Tiny Lamp !

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Make a Tiny lámp!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Scissors , beads/ sparkles , Tiny cup/ paper cup , glue Gun , Tooth pick and soda Cap

Step 2: Step 2

Cut your cup in half. A paper cup will work better ... I had to get a thirst buster cup cause i did not have any paper cups but if you do this lámp will look very pretty!

Step 3: Time to Make a Stand !

Plug your glue Gun un for about 3 or 2 min .Make a dab of glue on the middle Of the soda cap . Then put the Tooth pick on the spot of glue. Wait ti'll it dries ! If it's kind Of wobbly put some glue a round it. It might be a little messy but Clean or pull the strings out when it dries out

Step 4: Get Your Beads Ready !

I prefer beads instead of sparkles ... I don't know why haha. Anyways get your half cup ready. Stab the cup a little with your tooth pick and put some glue on it.

Step 5: Time to Finish Up !

Put a sparkles in the middle to cover the tooth pick.then decorate your lamp!