Introduction: A Very Harry Halloween Pumpkin

Need a pumpkin decorating idea for wizarding fans of all ages? This project will take you about an hour and less than $2 in material costs (when you shop frugally) Grab your paints and pumpkins and let's go!

This goes with Our DIY $3 No-Sew Hedwig Costume!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • Pumpkins (to keep costs low, try growing your own!)

  • Acrylic Paints (white, black, yellow and red)
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Standard paint brush
  • 2 Standard Ping Pong Balls
  • A hot glue gun
  • Hot glue

Step 2: Paint Your Base

For our snow owl, it's easiest to work in layers. Paint your base coat of white to create a solid body.

  • Sponge brush is best for this portion.
  • Note: If you can see the orange of your pumpkin below the paint, you may want to allow pumpkin to dry and paint an additional layer to make it solid.

Step 3: Design Your Eyes

For the eyes, I used two standard ping pong balls.

Simply paint black circles (with the brush of your choice) onto the eyes and let dry.

Step 4: Attach Your Eyes

Just add a little hot glue to the back of your eyes and attach to your pumpkin.

Caution: Please use hot glue as a competent adult or under the supervision of one. Never touch the hot glue or gun.

Step 5: Add Details

  1. Use your black paint to draw horizontal lines down your pumpkin for feathers.
  2. Mix Black and White to get gray for your accents.
  3. Paint your beak with black
  4. Allow to dry

Step 6: Prepare Your Harry Pumpkin

While your owl is drying, you can begin work on his wizard companion.

(Tip: Use a round object, such as a soda can, to create a perfect stamp)

  1. Either hand paint or use your stamp after dipping in black paint to create Harry's glasses.
    • Press stamp downward onto pumpkin, gently rotating if necessary
  2. Paint on his hair using standard paint brush
  3. Use a different standard brush or wash your brush and begin use of yellow paint
  4. Paint on Harry's scar in a lightening bolt pattern, making sure not to touch the wet black paint.
  5. Using sponge brush, paint on yellow portions of Harry's iconic scarf by stroking downward
    • Be sure to keep strokes even and leveled if you want scarf to lay flat
  6. Allow to dry
  7. Note: If you notice your yellow isn't as brilliant as you'd like it, please allow to dry and paint an additional layer.

Step 7: Add Scarf and Eyes

  1. Using a new (or washed) Sponge Brush, paint the red stripes of Harry's scarf in a downward motion.
    • Note: If you notice streaking or mixing of colors, stop immediately, clean your brush and allow prior color to finish drying
  2. Paint on white circles within the glasses frame
  3. Allow white to dry
  4. Paint smaller black circles within white portion of eye to create pupil
  5. Allow to dry

Note: If you notice your red isn't as brilliant as you'd like it, please allow to dry and paint an additional layer.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

For a final magical touch, consider adding a construction paper scarf to Harry (add attention to detail by fraying the edge and cutting out red stripes, placing them on a yellow rectangle piece), a replica Hogwarts Acceptance Letter or a witch hat. Outline the black circles in the owl's eyes and finally add on a spot of white for the reflection to really make it pop!

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