Introduction: A Woman's Best Friend!

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I know what you're thinking! Or at least, I think I do. What kind of a title is this? Well, I am hoping that my quirkiness, good energy, and keen organizational skills can help a few of you ladies out; and point some husband/boyfriend's in the right direction. Please like and share...Each One Teach One! The Real Life of Miss Enchanting

If all of your accessories are strewn all over the bedroom, follow this tutorial to get organized and clear up the clutter. This is a fashion accessory haul. Please come along and experience my stylized journey! Your husbands/boyfriends will thank you (and ME!) for you finally being ready on time for date night :)

Note: Guys - You can do this as well for your ties, cuff links, watches, etc.

Step 1: The Art of Getting Ready (and on Time!)

It's no secret that we women take forrrrrrrever to get ready. Whether it's getting ready for work, a date, taking the kids to activities, hanging out with our friends or to simply bake cookies [yes, I do get ready for baking cookies...apron, utensils, armed with cooking bet!] you know what I mean, lol.

In honor of being truthful, we must first acknowledge our addiction to having too much darn stuff. And when we cannot find the exact stuff we're looking for this only exacerbates the entire situation and we get frustrated about looking perfect, lol (polished and put together) and we are often late for said mentioned events listed above.

When having too much stuff goes completely WRONG! Exhibit A - You (not you, ME) have all of your fashion accessories in baggies, sorted by color in a basket. Okay, maybe not you...but definitely me. I am not OCD, lol.

So I set out on this journey to make it a little easier to pick out what necklace, earrings, bracelet or finger rings I would be wearing with whatever particular outfit, without rummaging through a bunch of zip lock baggies. AND, to disguise my shopping obsession. AND, to keep my bedroom from appearing cluttered. Yeah, I said it!

The Purchase

Ikea Trones comes as a set of three ( I purchased two sets...I have ideas babbbbby!)

Command adhesive tabs

Things you'll need

Safety goggles



Camera...if you want to document your journey > I recommend this :-)

Patience...adding these small tabs (evenly) is very tedious

Step 2: Plan Your Project

Tip1: If you have plenty of accessories, lay them out on a flat surface to pre-plan your bin; meaning: what items will be placed where. Some of my chokers were bulky and needed space so they would fit neatly. On the opposite side of the bin, you may want to space a few tabs further apart from one another.

Tip 2: The bins are removable. My suggestion is to prop up comfortably on a bed (with snacks...I'm a full figured girl trapped in a skinny girls body...for those of you who may not have a sense of humor, this means I am greedy) and take your time painstakingly lining up the tabs side by side evenly; you will need to press firmly so that the tabs adhere to the bin.

Tip 3: I added my tights, stockings, leggings, etc. to the bottom bin.

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Step 3: Other Uses: Entryway

Sooooooooooooo, I had four bins (Trones) left over from my accessories haul. I decided to add the remaining bins to my entry way. I use one for storing tools: Hammer, staple gun, masking tape, scissors, etc. I use another for files with documents. Two remain empty, however, I plan on putting zip lock boxes (yes, yes, I organize my freezer as well), garbage bag boxes, practically anything that will fit ...out of sight, out of mind!

It's important to note that there is a lip at the top which acts as a shelf, so I have decorated the top with small vases containing glass gems in a few and two others with air plants. The masks above no longer scares my 12-year-old during midnight bathroom trips (Don't ask :-)