Introduction: Kitty Condo Hack, From Glam!

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This project was much simpler than the Cat Tower hack. This project only involved re-purposing the Cat Condo and lots of sweat equity.

Step 1: Step I: Work With the End in Mind...

What you will need

1. Fabric of your liking [I chose fabric to coordinate with my gray living room, since the brown clashed horribly].

2. Staple gun

3. Ruler

4. Scissors

5. Tool/Key [to take a part your cat condo]

Work with the end in mind - You may want to put some thought into what you would like your final product to look like. For me, I wanted my cat's furniture to be cohesive with the rest of my living space. Just because I have a pet doesn't mean it has to look (or smell like it!)

Tip: I have only one cat, however, I find that using multi-cat liter eliminates pet odor and when I have visitors they are shocked that a cat is on the premises. When they feel something on their ankles...they then know that Lynxx is the guardian of the apartment, Lol.

Step 2: Step II: Maintain Order

Tip: Be sure to label the parts in order to put it back together with no fuss, a simple post-it with…1, 2, 3, 4, etc will do!

Tip: Don’t forget to incorporate your cat into the project. Some felines do not like change, so if they are apart of the project they may end up utilizing the item much quicker. They’ll need to sniff periodically, scratch it, walk in circles around it, etc. -----> It be like that sometimes! Ha ha ha ha

Step 3: Completed Project From Different Angles

As I indicated in the Cat Tower hack, having a plan will definitely expedites the process and leave you with a quality project as opposed to trying to do the project on the fly. However, when we mess up a project that is when our creativity most often kicks into overdrive… and the results can be phenomenal! Happy crafting…