Introduction: A Cool Way to Recycle Some Beer Cans

About: I am thankful for all of those who don't do anything at all. It’s because of them I do it myself. And I gonna do it my own way. The lazy way: think easy, do lazy.
Few weeks ago I bought a new heat air gun. It fairly cheap but comes with only 1 replacement nozzle. I do ask the seller that I want to buy some replacement nozzles. He said he doesn't have one and I have to make my own. Okay. My slogan is "I am thankful for all of those who don't do anything at all. It’s because of them I do it myself" so I took it as a challenge and I did make several nozzles.

Step 1: Things You Need

- Some beer cans (of course)

- A small plier (or even your bare hand, it's soft)

- A stampler or glue (can work at high tempreature) or even none

- A strong scissor

Step 2: Shaping the Can Into Snozzle's Shape

I see 4 snozzles in the catalog (not the one I already have) but I only see 3 shape clearly so I make a set of 3

Basic step:

- Firstly, remove the top and the bottom of the can then cut into half. You should keep the thick part of the top to use it later

- Next, roll them (the thick part) to fit snug the size of the heat gun. You can use stampler to prevent it unroll

- Cut the except part (depend on the shape of the snozzle) or fold the size to maintain the shape.

Shaping step:

- For the long, small rectangle snozzle, I make a pipe from the beer can then shape it by hand. Use plier to make the 90 degree angle. The cool thing of this nozzle is I can shape it even smaller (by hand) during working then re-shape it :D

- Then I make a cone for the small tip snozzle. The smaller end's size is free choice. I prefer 2 cm diameter. To keep it in the right shape, both edge are folded together

- The last snozzle is cut from the tube shape, folded to the back to double hard then bent at top and both side

Now I have full feature of the snozzle.

Step 3: Extra Fun and Put in Use

Not only stop at 3 nozzle, I also make 2 prototype to show you fun is it. I can make more than that: triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon (I thing this is max), or star shape... just 4 fun.

I use food-wrap to demonstration the focus of the air. I overheat a bit and make the hole larger.

I use new nozzle to fix my broken pot and it worked, just doesn't have a good look :P

Let me know what you think below and make one :D