Introduction: A New Twist on the Old Necktie!

I love pinterest!!! But then again who doesn't? About a year and a half ago, pinterest served as my inspiration for my creative neckties. I was scrolling down the page one night, when I accidently bumped into a similar necktie and thought it was pretty interesting. I purchased a necktie the next day, pleated it and sewed it by hand. After I placed it around my neck as a collar, I realized it looked a bit....boring!Being the crafty person that I am (ha-ha), I had a brilliant idea to complete the look....a button!!! I searched in my sewing kit and found the perfect navy blue button to go with it, and sewed it right by the tip of the tie. I LOVED IT!!!!!:) Ever since then, I have been sewing all kinds and shapes of buttons, flowers, sequins and pearls on my neckties! Take a look at much more styles on my etsy page at

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1.A Necktie

2.Fashion Pins

3.Sewing Thread and Needle

4.Iron-On Velcro


Step 2: Pleat and Pin the Necktie

Start pleating the necktie depending on how big or small you'd like the tip of it to be.

Step 3: Custom Fit It

This step is very important because you need to know how much far back to pin the tie. To get a great custom fit, just put it around your neck and see how it fits. You don't want it to fit too close to the neck. Let it hang a bit down like a necklace, that way it can be worn with a diversity of tops. (image1 & image2) If you'd like a little snazzy fashionable tail, then go ahead and remove one of the back pleats  just as you can see in images 3&4.                                                                                                 

Step 4: Sew, Iron and Sew Again

So now you’re ready to start sewing the tie!

Image1- Try to find a color thread that best matches the color or pattern of the tie. Because the tie becomes very thick after you pleat it, you’ll have to use a thicker thread than just your basic one.


Image2- Get on over to the sewing machine and start sewing!!! Now I should mention that you’ll only be able to sew the necktie with an industrial sewing machine, because of the thickness. I also use a size 18 needle, which is usually used for sewing jeans.


Image3- After you’ve completed the sewing, knot the threads at the two ends and cut any excess thread you have left.


Image4- Now you can iron-on the Velcro on the back of the tie. Just be sure to use a clean white cloth in between the necktie and the iron, just to keep the necktie clean in case the iron decides to leave any residue.


Image5- I love this one, because this is where the creativity begins! Now you can start “decorating” your tie with buttons, flowers, pearls, what have you! I decided to do this particular one with pearls.



Step 5: Style It!

This is my style! What's yours? ;)  see more looks at                                                         and 'LIKE' us on facebook for updates and events! Thank you! :)
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