Introduction: A Showcase of Jewelry Creations

About: Jane Chew aka XQDesigns is the chief editor behind 2 popular jewelry making blogs and websites: Handmade Jewelry Club and DIY Lessons. She started jewelry making as a hobby few years ago and was amazed how she…

Beaded Flower Ring - RAW is one of the easiest stitches to learn. When two needles are used, it is often called cross-weaving (because the threads cross in opposite directions through the beads) and is the basic stitch used for Japanese-style beadwork.

Beaded Umbrella Ring - This is an elegant and beautiful ring based on the concept of an Umbrella! I used sparkling crystals and seed beads to make this ring.

Choo Choo Train Chain Maile bracelet Tutorial - based on variation from European 1 in 4 technique. ou can mix and match using different materials and colors of jump rings as well as beads to come up with many beautiful variations.

Bird Nest Chain Bracelet - The chain weave also know as Byzantine Chain. A shape of each block looks like to bird nest especially if you add some beads around it.

Fly Can Be Pretty Too! - While I was creating the fly, I imagine I can turn it to a beetle, octopus or simply any pendant that is decorated with beautiful spirals.

I hope you find my designs beautiful ♥ I have created a tutorial for them that I have included in my 5th Month Lesson Plan. Read more...