Introduction: A5 Leather Journal Cover

It seems all that there is a lot of Journal Covers for the Pocket Size (3.5" x 5.5") or A6 size. Although it is hard to come by a cover for an A5 Journal or Sketch Book. So I decided to make my own.

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Veg-Tan Leather 3-4 oz.

Contact Cement

Leather Needles

Unwaxed Thread

Leather Die



Utility Knife

4 mm Leather Stitching Chisel



Leather Grover

Scratch Awl or nail to make the leather

Step 1: Print Out Template

Print out the Template

Make sure you print it at 100%

Cut out the Shapes

Tape the two cover pieces together to make one piece.

Step 2: Trace and Cut the Shapes

Trace the shapes on the leather using the template

Then using a ruler and the utility knife cut out the shapes.

Step 3: Die the Leather

Die the leather. Where rubber gloves.

I recommend applying the die twice.

Once going the long way and once going the short way

Let it dry. Usually take a few minutes

Step 4: Glue Pockets

Glue one of the pocks to the curved pocket using the Contact Cement. Again I would wear rubber gloves so you don't get it on your fingers.

Then using the Leather Grover grove a link 3/16" around the edge of the piece. And to form the pockets as they are on the template.

Then use the Stitching Chisel to punch holes for stitching using the grove as the guide to make the pockets. You will be using the Stitching Chisel to punch holes around the edge of the whole project in an upcoming step.

Using the Needle and Thread sew the pockets and tie off the Thread behind the piece so the knot does not show. You will need 4x's the amount of thread that the length of the stitch. So if the stitch is to be 3" long your will need 12" of thread.

I used a Saddle Stitch for this. This is a very easy to use stitch and there are a number of videos on the web on how to do a Saddle Stitch. I would recommend that you search this stitch and you will be an expert in just a few seconds.

Step 5: Finishing It All Up

Using the Contact Cement glue the rest of the pieces together.

Using the leather groover, go around the entire piece on both sides. About 3/16 of an inch in

Using the Stitching Chisel, punch holes all the way around the piece.

Then cut a piece of thread 4 times in length the distance is around the entire piece.

Sew the piece together and ENJOY.

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